Digital Mission Course Content

The following is the the Digital Mission Course and the Digital Mission Masterclass by Dr. Bryce Ashlin-Mayo. Your access includes all the videos and workbooks as seen below.

The Digital Mission Course

The Digital Mission Course Workbook


Session 1: The Digital Eruption

Session 2: A Theology of Technology

Session 3: Understanding Digital Culture

Session 4: Experience as Story

Session 5: Experience as Participation

Session 6: Relational Authority

Session 7: Tribalism

Session 8: A Hopeful Vision for Digital Mission

The Digital Mission Masterclass

The Digital Mission Masterclass Workbook

Session1: Introduction

Session 2: Ten Things to Consider with Digital Church

Session 3: Preaching in the Blind

Session 4: Digital Community Building Reversal

Session 5: Symbiotic Digital Disciple Making

Session 6: Sharing the Gospel in Digital Cancel Culture

Session 7: Leveraging Organizational Narratives for Digital Culture

Session 8: Digital Sacraments

Session 9: Four Levels of Social Media Engagement

Session 10: Creating an Innovation Revolution

Session 11: Designing and Implementing Digital Mission

Digital Mission Planning Process Worksheet

Connecting the dots of culture, technology, faith, ministry, mission and life.