2024 Ambrose Pastors Conference

I want to warmly invite you to this year’s Ambrose Pastors Conference (March 14, 2024) with an add-on “Off the Record” Social Event (evening of March 13, 2024)

Ambrose Pastors Conference is an annual gathering designed to empower and uplift those in pastoral ministry. At Ambrose, we appreciate the courage and care it takes to lead in pastoral ministry. That’s why our theme for this year is “Handle with Care,” an exploration of navigating the demands of ministry.  Get ready to be inspired by our remarkable lineup of speakers, featuring David Fitch, “Handling Power with Care“; Bryce Ashlin-Mayo, “Handling Your Calling with Care“; and Sarah Coleson-Derck,Handling Scripture with Care.”

Join in person or online.

Cost is $59 with the early bird. ($89 after January 14, 2024)

Register here: Ambrose Pastor’s Conference

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