War of the Worlds

I watched War of the Worlds last week and after processing the movie and the experience I have come up with a few observations and thoughts about it.Caution…this blog contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the film and care about the ending don’t read on.First, let me say that it had some of the best special effects that I have every seen in a movie. Second, I was not fond of the acting and that increasingly crazy Tom Cruise in this film. But beyond that, it was the holes in the plot that irritated me most. As much as I realize that I have to check part of my sense of reality and logic at the door and go for fun, I can’t completely turn off all of my brain (much to the theatres dismay – I am sure that is part of their sales strategy for charging $15.00 for popcorn and pop). Here are a few examples of those plot holes I mentioned: How does Tom find a flashlight that works when any other electronic devices are dead? How do they end up with the only vehicle that works, as if the solenoid from their wood-paneled Caravan was stored in a lead box in the part shop? Most importantly, how does an advanced alien species, who has been preparing for this invasion for over a million years, not think about the potential contagious viruses on planet earth? We know, as lesser intelligent species, that we wouldn’t go to a planet without thinking or preparing for that – that is planet invasion 101. Beyond all of that, the movie brings up an interesting discussion. If we were to find and communicate with an advanced intelligence in space, wouldn’t it reason that they are more likely to crush us like an ant hill or look at us like an annoying stray dog following them home or howling at night with our crazy satellite signals? I think humanities perspective is that advanced life wants to talk to us, and even more telling that “advanced life” means more moral, good, pure, loving, etc. What history has taught me is that with all the technology and advancements we have made, we still struggle with the same things and the same addictions. Men and women have always struggled with lust and the advancement of technology has been used to that end and alarmingly so. Pharmaceutical companies spend ridiculous amounts of money on curing Erectile Dysfunction rather than Cancer or HIV. The internet has fuelled a desire for pornography that is growing bigger and bigger. In terms of greed…people have just learned how to use technology to steal in different and more efficient ways (identity theft, etc). In terms of our pride…we assume that we know more, have a better way of life, eat better, etc.I think that we believe and have accepted the notion that humanity is getting better and better. I am not saying we are getting worse, just that our state of moral corruptness has always been with us and will continue to until, as I believe, Jesus returns bringing his kingdom in full. The nature of humanity is that we are God’s treasured who, apart from him, are also lost. But the larger story is that there is a God who is seeking to redeem us. I believe humanity’s true hope is not in an invention or a medical advancement, although there is nothing wrong with those things and they are to be pursued. However, humanity’s true hope is in a God that creates, loves and wants to redeem it. Imagine if we spent the same about of time and energy fuelling our desire and hunger for spirituality and communicating with the divine as we do with possible alien civilizations.But you may be saying…isn’t that what you believe, that God is an intelligent being that we as human being are trying to communicate with. I think it is and I think that is part of what drives us to pursue alien life. I think we have been created with a desire to find and pursue God but I would add that we are looking in the wrong place. The God who created us also wants to redeem us. I think our pursuit for intelligent life is part of that internal desire that has been wired into humanity. My belief is that God is pursing us more then we can ever pursue him and he is doing so with perfect love.

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