‘Twas The Blank Before Christmas

The following is an original poem I wrote over several weeks for our Advent Sermon Series this year at Parkview Alliance Church.  The video is the dramatic presentation of the completed poem performed on Christmas Eve by the talented Ralph T.

‘Twas The Blank Before Christmas
by Bryce Ashlin-Mayo

‘Twas Centuries before Christmas and all through the land,
People longed for a Saviour, a deliver and mighty right hand,
They awaited someone to be the new King,
To reign forever – peace and goodwill to bring.

The people waited with great expectation
For centuries and centuries with increased anticipation
The Messiah was prophesied to come as a child
Not as a giant but as a man – meek and mild

‘Twas fourteen months before Christmas, and a miracle was to commence
Zechariah, the priest, was in the temple about to light the incense
And then an Angel appeared, announcing he would have a son
But that would mean Elizabeth’s barrenness would have to be undone

Zechariah questioned this possibility
How could it happen with Elizabeth’s infertility?
Then nine months later they had a boy
They named him John and were full of joy

Now John grew up to be quite strange
He ate locusts and honey and lived on the range
In the Spirit of Elijah, he preached in the land
“Repent,” he would say, “the Kingdom of God is at hand”

‘Twas nine months before Christmas and a young virgin was dreaming
Of the man she would marry, her excitement was beaming
Then out of thin air, an Angel did appear
Saying you are highly favoured, you don’t have to fear

You will have a child and the Son of God is He.
Mary responded: “I am a virgin, how can this be?
But what will Joseph think – the man I am to wed?
But if it is your will, may it be as you have said!”

‘Twas days before Christmas and the young couple was found
leaving from Nazareth and heading to Joseph’s hometown
So off they went on an eighty-mile trek
Through rough terrain  – all for a population check.

‘Twas the night Before Christmas while ‘tired and weary
they entered Bethlehem in quite a hurry
Traveling for days, the baby’s birth was imminent
They were placed in a barn with animals’ excrement

Later that night, Mary gave birth to a boy
She placed him in swaddling clothes and was full of joy
As the angel had told, they named the boy “Jesus”
He was God’s son, who came to save us

In that same night, Angels did appear
They came to the Shepherds whose reaction was fear
They were told to go to Bethlehem and see the new King
Born in a stable, peace and good will to bring

Jesus, God’s son, Immanuel is He
Came to this world for you and for me
For if you call on His name, you will be saved
And experience freedom from sin, for all the enslaved.

All of this was foreseen by the prophets of old
We remember these things, the truth to behold
That day of Christ’s birth would have been quite the sight
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

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