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What The Bleep Do We Know

I recently watched this movie out of interest from the movie jacket at my local video store. Two things caught my attention. First, it was about quantum physics – a subject I know little about but have some basic interest in. Second was the comment of its spiritual nature on the video jacket. I am always interested when I hear scientists talk about spirituality (we often in the Church don’t think science has anything to do with spirituality but I believe it has everything to do with it). Anyway those were my expectations when I watched it. Oh ya, I can’t forget the lady at the video store who warned me it was a documentary and told me she lasted 20 minutes before she was too bored and turned it off.In terms of just communicating their ideas the movie was clear and laymen enough (although the graphics went way overboard and cheesy) but it was NOT a documentary. It was obvious to me that all the people in the movie had their taking points because they all oddly said similar phrases and no one was giving the other side of the “argument” as you would see in any documentary. That is why a lot of the studies and things they talk about were interesting but also speculative to say the least. I obviously, as an extreme lay person in quantum physics let alone regular math, had and have no idea how to critically and intelligently think about the subject. As a result it leads one to believe that their point of view or at least application of their “studies” has to be correct and fact. But to do that would be like believing those automotive awards, the ones that rate a certain car “top in its class” and then you read the fine print to learn that the award was given by the car’s manufacture.The movie make an interesting point, that everything in the past that people have believed was true about the world (earth was flat, sun revolved around earth, etc.) we now know to be false and so how arrogant are we to assume that everything we know now we will believe is true 500 or even 100 years from now. That is an interesting point and puts a lot in perspective and for me to live in the mystery of my spirituality is often better then in the know. The mystery in some ways for me provides hope and help my faith although in the modern matrix of belief seems contradictive.I also found the fact that all of the people and physicists in the movie believe in God interesting. They don’t believe in the God I do but it is interesting that they recognize the fact that quantum physics in their estimation and from their perspective leads us to a belief in God and spirituality.But the parts I struggled with are also the parts, as I alluded to earlier, that come from a “perspective of one.” In other words, without hearing the other side of the debate you are left, because you are a layperson, with just the “facts” they present – which is always dangerous. After seeing this movie I am struck but the vastness and complexity of creation and God’s design but also disturbed by the one-sidedness of the application and the science behind it. I would caution anyone who watches it to at least pursue truth and not just one person or one group’s perspective or belief of it – that is always dangerous.Would I recommend this movie? Maybe but with the caution to always read and watch everything discerningly and intelligently.