Book #14 of 30: A Scandalous Freedom

I read Steve Brown’s book “A Scandalous Freedom” recently and it has left me thinking, evaluating and re-thinking my view of the grace of God. A good friend recommended this book to me and it did what he promised it would. Consequently, I find myself constantly pondering the reality of my freedom in God and conversely the self-imposed prison’s I put myself in. This book has definitely “rattled my cage” and although I don’t hold to everything that Steve Brown says, it accomplished its purpose and made me really think on this subject.

2 thoughts on “Book #14 of 30: A Scandalous Freedom”

  1. Yea I didn’t agree with everything he said either, but I sure liked the book. Like you said, it was good to be challenged in my thinking and understanding of grace…especially where I live… =)

    …but hey, I bet your copy wasn’t twice as thick from being waterlogged when your house flooded…

  2. Hey how can you two be reading a book i haven’t read?? This world is getting crazy. By the way, i could always use a bit of grace injection because of my inherent critical attitude. But i have read some Steve Brown back in the day. I think he is a reformed dude and working out some of those kinds of issues.
    I will have to try and catch up to you Grace Mongers one of these days. 🙂

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