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Derek Selinger Tribute Video

My friend, Derek Selinger (who is a professional magician), was on French TV this weekend. His performance was great. The show was what I understood, in my “cereal box French,” to be a Variety Hour (or two hours as the case may be). Watching it, I wasn’t sure who the people were that were sitting around the table talking in between each performance. Since I can’t speak French, I was even more confused. So I had an idea: in the tradition of Derek and I dubbing voices as we watched TV (driving our wives crazy I might add), I decided to dub in my own voices. This is what I think they were saying after Derek’s performance.

This is for you Derek…

High Quality Version
Low Quality Version

Tomorrow’s News Today

Some friends and I from church created and produced these videos for an event our church is doing. We had a blast – green screens are awesome!!!

Also see the video we did last year: