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Superheros and Nanotechnology

I have, recently, been fascinated with rise of superhero myths in culture today.  From comic books, TV shows, movies, etc., they are everywhere.  Pop culture is chalk full of superhero (vampires for females) stories as of late. My hypothesis is that this is not a coincidence.  I believe that our […]

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Social Media and the Vancouver Riots

I, along with most of Canada, was appalled at the Vancouver Riots after the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in game seven of the Stanley Cup final.  However, in the midst of my disgust, I was fascinated by the events that were unfolding in the national news coverage […]

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The Importance of Being You

This is a great video on the importance of being yourself in ministry using the very unique example of Mark Driscoll. I am not a huge fan of Mark per say for several reasons (which I may address at a later time – theological, missiological and pragmatic) but this video […]

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