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Way Too Long

It was been way to long since my last post and basically my excuse is… I have been busy.A lot has been going on with school, work and life in general. It is hard to believe that Nathanial, my oldest, in is Kindergarden and Lucas has started Pre-school. And, wow – our twins are now three – where does time go.Anyways I will attempt to write something more detailed soon but I did add my recent article to my website. At least I have updated that.

Fishing Trip

Last weekend I went on a short three day (two of which was travelling on a bus – yippy :() fishing trip to Kananaskis. It was amazing. Not only was the weather and the fishing incredible but hanging out with my friend Derek was awesome. It is always good to get out of your routine and connect in an authentic real way with a good friend in unforgettable surroundings. Although Derek might have caught the most fish, I did catch the biggest – I have to brag when I can because it rarely happens. And once again Derek, I am still very sorry about our fishing trip 5 years ago or so when I let your monster walleye go by accident. I know you have forgiven me but I am still sorry.

Bring Back the Circus

Well I am home alone this week as my family is enjoying the Sunshine in Chilliwak, B.C. visiting my wife’s family. All I have to say is that it is not fair that I am stuck in the prairies enduring the cold rain in the middle of August with my motorcycle as transportation and my wife and kids are enjoying hot sunshine with the van at the coast. The good side is that I have been getting some much needed quiet time and rest and have got caught up on my movie watching . However, I am now officially at the point where the house it too quiet and I really miss the circus. So circus, come back to town, I want front-row tickets.

Bike Trip

This last weekend was amazing and insanely busy. I first went on a bike trip with some friends (my fellow scaldedrabbits) and although I could only go on the first night that was for them a several day trip, it was awesome to get away with friends and hit the “open road.”

I also went to Winnipeg that weekend for a friends pre-wedding celebration and it was great to meet with friends. I was reminded of how blessed I am to have friends like that. It was awesome and I am so glad I did it.

Acoustic Skyline @ Nakamun

One of the worship teams I play guitar with (called Acoustic Skyline) is leading the worship at Camp Nakamun this weekend for Family Camp. I am looking forward to hanging out and playing with my friends and enjoying time with my family, although it will get a bit crazy when I have to leave Sunday morning to preach in church and then rush back to Camp to play for the evening session. It will be fun and I hope a great weekend!!!