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Have a Wonder-filled Christmas

***the following is also published in the Vermilion Standard*** As we enter the Christmas season, we enter a season of wonder.  However, our busy lives too often mask the precious gift of wonder and dull our curiosity to uncover it.  This Christmas, I want to challenge you to seek and […]

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Five Guidelines for Social Media

The following is also published in the Vermilion Standard. We are spending more and more time online.  Although some of this time is filled with people posting and watching cat videos on YouTube or checking email, most people are spending countless hours on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.), in […]

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Gospel-Centered Confusion

In recent days, there has been a rise in rhetoric.  The use of the phrase “Gospel-Centered” has become ubiquitous.  People are arguing for Gospel-Centered Discipleship, Gospel-Centered Preaching, Gospel-Centered Evangelism, Gospel-Centered Children’s Ministry, Gospel-Centered Youth Ministry, etc.  On the surface, it is hard to argue against the use of the phrase. […]

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Artificial Love

This post will also be published in The Vermilion Standard. Scientists are currently working on Artificial Intelligence with an intensive curiosity.  The Mount Everest of robotics and computer programming, artificial life is the challenge of creating a machine that is self-aware, has emotions, and experiences love.  This sounds like an interesting […]

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Infinite Complacency

This post will also be published in The Vermilion Standard. I want to introduce two new phrases into your vocabulary.  The first is “infinite complexity.”  This phrase refers to the complexity of our natural world and its seemingly infinite complex nature.  Whether it is the complexity of the macro or the […]

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