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How do you deal with failure?
How would you react if you were in the band that recorded this video?
Although this video is awful, the kids (I am assuming they are kids) practiced (not enough mind you) and tried, and then, failed miserably!!!! 
Failure is easy to talk about when you do so in the arena of incompetence or the inculpable.  In other words, you failed because you just couldn’t do it (no matter how hard you tried) or you failed due to circumstances beyond your control. 
Failure, however, is hard to talk about when it is in the arena of mistakes, poor execution, terrible judgment, or bad planning but it is a fact of life and an often avoided topic.  How do you deal with failure when you could have avoided it, when it is because of you, etc? 
I suggest the secret to dealing with failure in this arena is three-fold:
  1. Confess and profess that you are not perfect and that God loves you regardless of your failures!
  2. Own your failure and don’t pass the buck.
  3. Learn from it and grow.  Even if your failure is from our own ineptitude, you can learn from it and grow as a result.

Failure is part of life, it is part of how we grow!  You will do things well and you will do things poorly; but the questions remains, will you learn from your failures and own them accordingly, or will you ignore them (lying to yourself and to others) by making excuses for them?  Ignoring failure in your life will inevitable lead to more failure, but facing it, and learning from it, will help you grow and develop in character and in competence.  

Failure is only your enemy if you ignore it!

The Importance of Being You

This is a great video on the importance of being yourself in ministry using the very unique example of Mark Driscoll. I am not a huge fan of Mark per say for several reasons (which I may address at a later time – theological, missiological and pragmatic) but this video makes a great point. Too often (because it is soooo easy to do) preachers begin to mimic the preaching or ministry style of someone they connect with and enjoy listening you. The challenge is, they, inevitably, lose their focus and I would argue, their integrity and spiritual effectiveness as a result. God has called them with their unique gifts, their abilities, and even, dare I say it, their inabilities and lack of certain gifts, to their unique ministry setting. When we pretend to be someone else we are not, we become less spiritually effective then if we simply relied on the Holy Spirit to empower us: the same Spirit who knit us together in our mother’s womb, who gifts us uniquely for ministry, and who empowers us for holiness and ministry!

 If we pretend to be someone we are not, even if it is for seemingly good reasons (trying to be more “effective”), we are not living in the will of God but a weird state of disobedience with a distorted set of convoluted motivations.

Coming soon...a post about the effect technology has had (to the benefit and detriment) on the ministry of preaching.

A New Beginning: A Blogging Comeback

About two years ago I ended my blogging journey; however, like the plot of a good TV movie, my blogging journey is having a comeback.  I have been reading and reflecting a lot lately about the state and future of the Church, and about life in general, and need a place to pen those thoughts in a more open and, as much as possible, conversational fashion.  Thus, I am resurrecting the Blog.  If you followed me before, I blogged under (Latin for “Beginning Conversation”).  This time I am going to make it easier on everyone, including myself, and go with something easier to remember:   I was smart enough when I ended my blog two years ago to archive it and consequently, I have all my old entries (minus some links and pictures).  I didn’t realize the importance of doing this but after having a nostalgic time reading through them, it is demonstrated how helpful it was to my thinking.

My comeback blog will be a collection of my thoughts, musing and reflections as well as a place to continue conversations about what I’ve been speaking and writing about.  I am looking forward to taking up the journey again.

    The End

    Well…after some reflecting, I have decided to end my blogging journey. I have nothing against the blogging world and will possibly consider doing it again in the future, but I just don’t have the passion and desire anymore. I started blogging as an outlet for a lot of what I was thinking. It was great because, at the time, I had a lot in the inlet world and not many outlets. As a natural communicator, blogging was a logical and healthy direction. But a lot has changed in the last year and I have found that my new reality has reversed my former need. I have now found that life and ministry have become heavy on the outlet and light on the inlet and thus, I need to reverse, or at least balance, that flow in my life. Consequently, my blogging time has ended and I will soon just be a visitor to the blogosphere.

    Cheers and thanks for reading.