“Age of Kings” Book Release


November 1st marks the release of my newest book, “Age of Kings: Pursuing God’s Heart in a Social Media World.”

Age of Kings follows the life and reign of King David, taking my area of interest and academic study (social media and its impact on society) and framing it in a hopeful pastoral voice. Social media has given everyone the power once only held by kings and queens and we are largely unequipped to handle it.

Age of Kings addresses the issues of our social media age: personal propaganda, #hashtivism, acquaintance-friendships, trolls, selfies, desire, cognification, and fake news. Like a guidebook for the newly crowned kings and queens of this age, Age of Kings equips the reader to discover their true worth and identity, to conquer giants, to experience true friendship, to share their life authentically, to give all glory to God, to walk in sexual wholeness, to embrace humility, and to seek truth in community.

Age of Kings endeavors to help the reader understand this disruption as well as equip them to wield it for the furtherance of God’s kingdom and mission.

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