Our Dream For Lucas

Laurie and I wrote this for Lucas as he went into Grade 1. It was a way to express our desire for Lucas’ life to those who would help shape him in his education.

As he now enters Grade 7 in a new school, we set out to revisit and revise it. However, instead of changing it, we decided that it was still as profoundly accurate and challenging as it was when we wrote it six years ago. Our dream for Lucas hasn’t changed and we are more convinced of that dream than ever before.

Lucas Dream 2014

In the past, we have had people tell us to have low expectations for Lucas and that our dream was not realistic, but we defiantly refuse to set ceiling limits for any of our children. We want them all to meet their full potential and refuse to determine that potential for them in advance. We want Lucas, as we do Nathanial and Sydney, to be all he can be.

I thought I would share this to encourage all parents with special needs children. Our job as parents may be unique but our calling is not. Having a special needs child means our job as a parent will have unique challenges but our calling is the same as any parent of any child, anywhere. Never let anyone tell you different!

The calling of any parent is to provide for, encourage and support their children to reach their full potential in all of life.

4 thoughts on “Our Dream For Lucas”

  1. Wow! Those are wonderful goals & dreams….go Lucas go! & yes David & I have some goals & dreams for our girl & her brother that echo the words you wrote!

    1. Wow that is amazing. Lucas is so full of life and determination and will accomplish what ever he sets his mind on. He has shown his strength by all he has gone through and will continue with life in the same manner with God by his side he will shine.

  2. I remember reading this before, but it’s especially touching me today – we had our big meeting with teachers, psychologists, OTs, speech, etc for our youngest to start kindergarten in the fall. She is a special little one in her own ways, and it’s difficult and worrisome and exciting all at once to be sending her into the big school all by herself.

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