Technology in Ministry #2 – Evernote


What is Evernote?
I discovered Evernote about 6-8 months ago and it is outstanding!!!  Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about it.  The ability to electronically file everything in one place on all my devices – brillant!  Evernote is a online tool that allows you to post notes (with lots of application possibilities) in a variety of different forms.  Evernote syncs my notes, automatically, between my computers, iPhone, iPad and does it easiely and seemlessly (creating a back-up for all my Evernote files and notes).

Ways I use Evernote?

  • I use it to hold all my business cards.  In fact, when I get a card, I just take a picture with my phone and create a note for it and put it in my notebook called “Business Cards.”  It is now instantly searchable and accessible on all my devices at any time.  A great feature is that it also scans texts from pdfs and photos so they are searchable later.
  • I use it to draft my articles and sermons.  Evernote is where I put my outlines together, thoughts, sermon illustrations and when I am ready to write a sermon or article in Word, I have everything ready to be organized, copied and pasted.
  • I use it for my expenses, taking pictures of my reciepts and keeping track of mileage.  It is easy and once again available on all my devices (constantly syncing between them).
  • I use it for my todo list.  I have tried lots of todo list apps but I keep coming back to Evernote because it is simple and convenient.
  • I use it for storing webpages I need to reference later (book I want to buy, articles I need to read, etc).  I use the Chrome plugin for Evernote that allows me to clip any webpage into Evernote (including text and photos), making it tag-able, searchable and ready when I need it.
  • I use it for keeping, storing and searching pdfs.  I also use the “Good Reader” app for my iPad that allows me to annotate pdfs (underline, make notes, etc.) which is great for meetings or articles I am reading.
  • I use it for scanning paper hand-outs.  Have you ever been at a meeting and gotten a hand-out in paper formate but wanted it digitally?  Just get an app for your smart phone that allows you to take a picture of the file and convert it to pdf.  Many of these app will then allow you to email it to your free Evernote email address, automatically creating a new note and storing it forever in Evernote.  Once again it is then tagable, file-able and searchable.
  • I use it to keep audio notes of things.  I can record these (you can do it with video too but I have yet to use this feature) on any device and come back to it on any of your devices.
  • I use it for research when writing articles or papers.  It is easy to do, allowing you to search and organize later.
  • One of the best features is using it with Kindle Web which stores my highlights and notes from Kindle books I have read.  Once I am finished a book, I simply clip the Kinde Web page (using the Chrome Evernote Clip Add-on) with my highlights and notes into Evernote and they are then searchable, reference-able and copy and paste-able when I need them.
How Much Is Evernote?
You might be asking, how much does Evernote cost…well this is the best part.  It is free for basic use and the premium version is only necessary if you do a lot of things that take large chunks of data to sync (photos for example).  But even if you do, the premium version is still well worth the price.  The premium version is $5.00 per month or $45.00 per year.

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