Word of the Day: Questusation


I would like to enter a new word into our vocabulary: Questusation. You have probably had them thrown, or better said fired, at you or maybe at times you have been behind the trigger yourself. A Questusation is a carefully calculated and crafted accusation in the form of a question.

If you have been in any form of leadership, you would have undoubtedly experienced them. The main problem with a questusation is that you never know how to answer them or if you should answer them. They are not an outright question and not a straightforward accusation. So I propose that we need a predetermined culturally and socially acceptable response to these attacks beyond readjusting our Kevlar vests following their impact.

Any ideas???


4 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Questusation”

  1. (The following remark may be based on a bad attitude and an overwhelmingly human perspective)

    How about a response like,
    “Shaddup, who asked you?”

    Otherwise… I don’t know. I think though that if you figure this out, write a book and make your fortune.

  2. I like Doug’s response. But I’m a little more humble (ha!) and think we should opt for:

    “From this point forward I would kindly ask you to please cease from asking me questions in which there is actually no real question at all.”

    Or maybe even this one, as taught to me by one of my middle school guys:

    “Yiour momma!”

  3. How about:
    I will answer your question if you answer one from me first.
    My question is “Do You still beat your mother, wife, girlfriend?”

    Guilt is implied
    enough said
    shall we get down to honest questions?

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