The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham

After reading this book the only word that can even possibly sum it up is “inspiring.” You can’t read about Billy Graham and his life, which is firmly and distinctly rooted in Christ, and not be inspired. Billy Graham is unique not because of his incredible talent and gifts (for which he has many), but because he is unapologeticly tethered to his faith in God and the one thing God has called him to. For someone who could have been the most powerful man in America as President, he chose a different path that in the end, has arguably made him one of the most influential.

The best parts of this book are not the methodological leadership gems offered but the anecdotal stories. My only wish is that the authors would have described more of Billy’s failures, of which they mildly allude, as lessons in leadership as well. Maybe because this book was written as a tribute to Billy legacy it was skewed in it’s content but I would have appreciate the stories where even great leaders like Billy make mistakes and those mistakes are not necessarily insurmountable but potential times of learning and wisdom.

This is one of those books that are a must to read in times of weariness where inspiration is needed to carry on – it is packed with it. In the end, it must be remembered: Billy’s accomplishments are not his own but God’s. I am positive that Billy would make this distinction and would be disappointed if I did not.

3 thoughts on “The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham”

  1. You probably know when things are going well when people can write an entire book about your success as a leader rather than your failures.

    My current life story would probably be called, “836 Things I’ve Learned After Failing”

    Here’s an excerpt:

    #237 – It’s not wise to use a fogging machine in the church.

    #364 – Be aware of open flame when around a gas BBQ that is older than your parents.

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