Reading Update

Over the last few months I have been doing some reading for a class I am taking on Pastoral Leadership. These five books are a sampling of the reading I have done for that class. I am not going to give an extended reflection or review of each book but thought I would give a few highlights:

  • Being Leaders has reminded me of some of those fundamental leadership treasures that, by nature of being in active and busy ministry, you can forget or let your guard down.
  • Building Leaders has started me thinking and rethinking the idea and concepts of leadership development and the need for an effective and dynamic leadership strategy in church ministry.
  • Leading From The Second Chair has reminded me of my role in my current position; how it interfaces with the overall leadership team, church staff, mission and vision of the church.
  • Gentle Shepherding was a tough book to forage through. It more reflected pastoral ethics from a mainline perspective, which was interesting but it was very philosophical and theological. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t what I expected and thus I found myself forcing my fingers to turn the pages are carry on.
  • Revolution of Character was by far the best read. I have been intrigued lately with the topic of Spiritual Formation and this book kept me attentive, turning page after page with ease and expectation. As part of our classes assignment we had to participate in a weekly online discussion (one chapter per week); it was interesting to reflect along side others and get a glimpse of their perspectives on the topics discussed. I was once again reminded that my life as a pastor needs to ALWAYS center around and be feed by my relationship to GOD.

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