I watched a great movie recently that was both moving and thought provoking. The movie was Crash and it really made me think about the whole concept of discrimination and prejudices. It is something that we don’t talk a lot about in society, or church for that matter, but it exists all around us. Our prejudices could be based on race, socio-economic situations, religious beliefs, etc. but they exist and lead to destruction. In fact what caught my interest the most was the film maker’s concept of the spiral pattern of prejudices and how they feed off each other much like parasites. They exist in an ecosystem of sorts that relies on prejudice, ignorance and misunderstanding feeding off more prejudice, ignorance and misunderstanding which ultimately leads to destruction.

I was challenged that as a believer and follower of Jesus, I am called to set aside prejudices and treat everyone as my neighbour and as I would treat Christ. I think a lot of what prohibits our care and desire for social justice in our country and around the world is our prejudices, the same prejudices that we are called to do away with. I was challenged to reconsider how I view and “judge” people and take the golden rule Christ gave more seriously.

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